Welcome to the new “Timey’s Calendarium” website.

The site has had a complete re-design and the home page no longer shows the dates in different calendars – this can now be accessed via the “Dates” link at the top of the page. Some dates are shown in the Today’s Date widget in the sidebar.

Here are some of the other things that you can find out on this site:

  • Moon Phase widget in sidebar;
  • View the date in different calendars from around the world as well as fictional or notional calendars;
  • See a dynamic calendar that shows significant dates in the current month, which is also navigable to see past and future months;
  • See a “Journal” which shows the current month with significant dates and a columnar comparison of dates in different calendars – also navigable to past and future months;
  • See details of the history and meaning of various calendars;
  • Calendars in use today, such as the Gregorian Calendar (the one we use every day), the Islamic lunar calendar, the Hebrew calendar and the Hindi calendar;
  • Historical calendars such as the Julian, Roman, Gaulish, Old Icelandic, French Revolutionary and Maya calendars;
  • Fictional or notional calendars such as the Shire calendar from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, my Celtic and Old English calendars and various calendars suggested for calendar reform;
  • Read about my notional Celtic lunar calendar with date conversion page, query page to allow calendars from past and future to be show and downloadable pdfs of certain months in the calendar.

I will soon be adding other pages for alternative calendars such as the Symmetry Calendar and various other ideas for calendar reform. I will also be adding more pdfs for past years in my Celtic calendar and will post one for each new month in the blog as they come around.

With this new design, the site will hopefully have a cleaner and more modern look and more things will be available over time. Things may be in different places for a while, but the plan is to have everything available that was available before, plus more in the future so please check back regularly.